Frequently asked questions

Using Your Product

How do I download my product?

There are 3 ways to download your product:

  1. You can redeem your product in Pulse using the redemption code emailed (never expires)
  2. You can download your product from the page immediately after purchase (link expires after 30 days)
  3. You can download your product from the email confirmation page (link expires after 30 days)
Only instruments will be delivered with a Pulse redemption code, preset packs will be sent via download links.

How do I install preset packs?

To add a purchased preset pack:

  1. Copy the main folder of the preset pack.
  2. Locate your install location.
  3. Open up the Data/Presets folder.
  4. Paste the main folder of the preset pack here.
  5. Reload or create a new instance of the instrument.

What software do I need to use Naroth Audio Libraries?

Naroth Audio Sample Libraries are run using a Sample called Kontakt by Native Instruments. On each library's page you will find a product info section displaying all necessary requirements to use our instruments such as disk space + kontakt version. Each library will differ in size and version of kontakt to some extent. *** Please Note : As of right now, Our libraries will not run with the FREE Kontakt 6 Player. You must have the Full Retail version of Kontakt 6.3.2 (or later) ***

How many computers can I install on?

You can install Naroth Audio Libraries on as many computer's you want as long as you are the sole user.

How do I use my instrument?

In each instrument download is included documentation on the features and different parts of your instrument. Also on the product page, you can also find walkthrough videos to learn more about your product.

How do I Re-download my product?

For Instruments: If you have redeemed your product in Pulse, you can access the install of your product forever by logging into your Pulse account and reinstalling from there. For Preset Packs: If you have not downloaded the product within 30 days, please submit a ticket for another download link and we will send it to you ASAP.

How do I activate the product?

No activation necessary! Once you have downloaded the files you are ready to go.

Store Policies

Do you offer Academic Discounts?

Yes! We absolutely do! We offer a 30% off discount on any full price product. We do not offer stacked discounts. To claim your Academic Discount:

  1. E-mail us at info@narothaudio.com with the title "Academic Discount" with either a photo of your student or faculty ID with your name on it and an expiry date that is in the future. If your ID card does not have an expiry date also include any additional documents proving you are currently enrolled.

    Additional Documents accepted: class schedule, letters whether printed or electronic from your institution, any school/univerysity document with sensitive information redacted (tuition fees, addresses, transcripts)
  2. We will email you to let you know if accepted or if any additional proof is required.
  3. Upon acceptance you will be given a one-time discount code to apply to any library at full price.

Do you offer Refunds?

Due to the nature of downloadable products, we do not normally offer Refunds, however we understand not every situation is similar and will look into refund requests. You can email us at info@narothaudio.com about refunds. Keep in mind that your request may be declined and that our decision is final.

I've missed the sale, can I still get the discount?

Unfortunately no. If you sign up for our newsletter we will send out emails about upcoming and current sales as well as the duration of sales.

I've just bought a product and its now on sale!

This is a completely understandably frustrating situation. If you have just purchased a product and it goes on sale within 14 days time, we will honor that sale and refund you the difference in price.